Ballyhoura: Ireland’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

If you’re looking for a premier, quality, trail center with amazing surroundings – we think you’ll like this one. The Ballyhoura Mountain Biking Trails in Co Limerick is suitable for families to pros to fully enjoy mountain biking holidays in Ireland.

Mountain Biking in Ireland cannot get any better than this as the Ballyhoura Mountains is the largest trail network of its kind in Ireland. There is over 98km of trails including forest road climbs, tight twisty singletrack with loads of ups and downs, boardwalk, tight turns and technical rocky bits are guaranteed to leave you smiling.

Some of the most famous Ballyhoura Mountain biking trails in Ireland will range from the moderate 6km Greenwood loop to the highly demanding Castlepook loop, which is over 50km in length!

Facilities at the trail head include map boards, car parking, toilets, showers, and bike wash facilities. On arrival, there is a secure car park with monitored CCTV cameras. There are also snacks and tea and coffee available for a reasonable price.

If you are looking for some high-speed action with plenty of technical features, then you and Ballyhoura Mountain will be a perfect match! Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trails in Co Limerick is a superb place to start your mountain biking journey

The twisty loop goes through several types of terrain: from open moorland to thick forest on the lower section. Since the – very well maintained – trail can be challenging (but rewarding), newer riders will probably be better off focusing on the shorter loop with wider forest trails.

On these sections, you will also experience variable surfaces including rocks, mud, roots, loose stones and gravel and they may become slippery in wet weather. Fun! – if you’ve got some experience.

You can rent your bike from Trailriders, down by the trailhead at Ardpatrick, which will cost you from €35 per day.

If you want to stay for a few days, Ballyhoura Luxury Hostel is a perfect match for all Mountain Biking Groups of any size. Ballyhoura Hostel is a self-contained oasis of luxurious comfort. Ballyhoura Hostel is purposefully built to suit those interested in Outdoor pursuits like Mountain biking trails in Ireland, whilst providing a calm comfortable place to relax and enjoy your time away.

With self-catering kitchen, spacious comfortable beds, a cosy sitting room where you can just completely unwind by the fire. There is also an out-sourced catering option food can be arranged upon request for Mountain Biking groups of 10 or more.

Ballyhoura Hostel is perfect for Mountain Biking groups accommodation. The hostel is divided into two parts, with the two-storey section sleeping 18 and the ground floor extension sleeping 25, which makes it ideal for splitting up groups. The large dining room can double up as a conference room, classroom or even a Mountain Biking team meeting area.

Given the number of the Ballyhoura Mountain biking trails in Ireland, multiple different levels, almost 100KM of trails that are available – this is a perfect place for getting into mountain biking in Ireland.